Friday, July 10, 2009

GenealogyWise - Nebraska Research & Ancestry

It's new and it's fun!  Somewhat like Facebook, there is now a social network in place for genealogists.  It is called GenealogyWise.  It was recently launched by FamilyLink and is buzzing with activity.  Yes, it grows by the hour ... almost by the minute.  

You can join it free, create your personal profile, find friends (genealogy friends, of course), set up or join groups and invite people to be your friends, to events or discussions.  Along with the discussion forum, there are blog and video areas.  If you click on Genealogy Search, it takes you directly to the subscription site of World Vital Records.  

On this great social networking site you don't wander around through personal friends and relatives who have no interest in genealogy.  You are sharing and communicating with genealogists, many of whom may be researching the same surnames or in the same areas.  

I have started a group on GenealogyWise and invite you to check it out.  It's Nebraska Research & Ancestry, devoted to those who research in Nebraska or have ancestry here.  This is a personal invitation to join GenealogyWise and then join my group.  You also have my permission to join many of the other groups!  

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