Monday, September 21, 2009

The Nebraska Migrations Project

The Nebraska Migrations Project is not a new project, but it is worth checking out. Migrations is actually a stand alone project designed to further migration research and also develop a comprehensive database.

There are two parts to Migrations. The first is the Migrations Database. You can search this by name or place. The second part is a National Migration Links page with a table of state links. There are also some migration links to countries, such as England, Ireland and Germany. Because of the scope of the project, there are search engines for searching locations as well as surnames.

Information submitted to Migrations comes from genealogical researchers who are hoping to make connections with others researching the same family. Obviously the web site will not continue to grow unless people submit their migration information. If you desire to submit information, be sure to read the instructions thoroughly. You will still own the data submitted and it can be removed at your request.

There are 720 entries on the Nebraska Migrations Project. It was started in February of 2000. The database format is name, lifespan, such as 1861-1932 and origin. Once you click on a name of interest, there is more information, such as where born, additional notes along with migration steps and time frame that took them to Nebraska. There is also a clickable link to contact the researcher/submitter.

This is a project worth checking. Spend some time there and see what it is all about, then consider submitting your own data.

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