Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nebraska's Colorful History

How well do you know your Nebraska history? If you don't live in this state, you probably have a hit and miss knowledge about our history. Even if you live here, do you know about Nebraska history eras, great events and more?

NebraskaStudies.org provides teachers, students, history buffs and yes ... genealogists, access to archival photos, documents, letters, videos, maps and more. The history of Nebraska is captured and available at your finger tips.

Select a time period of interest and begin reading. The History Timeline across the top of the opening web page is a place to begin, or you can go directly to the Table of Contents by clicking on that tab on the left had side of the opening page.

One of the latest additions to the web page is The Story of Beef. Of course, Nebraska is famous for good beef. The saga began with the Texas Longhorns and cattle drives.

Throughout the timeline you can click on a specific event or year. For example, if you have heard about Nebraska's famous photographer, Solomon Butcher, you will find a special tab dated 1886 for him. By clicking on that you will have an interesting narrative to read and photographs to view.

Using this web site is an exercise in clicking! Be sure to check out tools for each timeline era and check those links which can be anything from photographs to videos and documents.

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