Friday, April 23, 2010

Nebraska at WorldCat

Genealogists need and want books, but many times they don't go the distance in finding them. Of course, there's Google Books and other sites on Internet that are helpful. However, if you directly to the Nebraska listing on WorldCat, you'll be pleased at what turns up.

There are about 759 results. Some are journals, periodicals, books and even CDs. There are general Nebraska records, family genealogies, census and records by counties.

Click on the item of interest to learn more, such as the author, number of pages and printing. If you enter your zip code and click "Find Libraries," you will be taken to a list of libraries that have the item. Some may be close to home, but if not, supply your librarian with the information and see if it can be obtained on interlibrary loan.

An example of a family history is Recollections and Connections: from Ohio to Nebraska by Louise Mathews Harris, published in 2006. Under the details section I see that it pertains to the Mathews family. The only place WorldCat has located it is at the Seo Automation Consortium in Caldwell, OH. Click on that and you'll learn more about their digital catalog and download center.

The Valley View Cemetery: Holt County, Nebraska compiled by Stanley Lambert and Joyce Taylor is listed. If this interests you, it is available in the Omaha Public Library. This may be a book that is not available on interlibrary loan. If this is the case, consider having your librarian secure specific pages from the index. Yes, it's indexed, as I saw that information under "Details."

It's time to have fun ... Nebraska fun ... with WorldCat.

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