Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Good Friend and a Genealogy Friend

While I have many genealogy friends, Charlene was a special genealogy friend. There was nobody quite like her. From the first time I met her, I knew that she was a determined genealogist, zealous to not only discovering her own ancestry, but that of others. I first met Charlene about thirty years ago.

Charlene became interested in answering queries about people who had lived in Lincoln Co., Nebraska. She was active in the North Platte (NE) Genealogical Society and until her health began to fail she was johnny-on-the-spot to help with projects and never missed a meeting. Charlene amassed a great collection of information and documents on the history and genealogy of Lincoln County. If somebody had a question, they asked Charlene. She spent a good deal of time over the last few years researching historical characters for the cemetery tours. Most recently she had helped with information on the Civil War soldiers buried in the North Platte Cemetery.

She was born 25 September 1932 to Clyde and Gladys Nation Graham in North Platte and passed away on 5 September 2010 here in North Platte. She leaves children and grandchildren, great grandchildren and other relatives. In addition, Charlene leaves a void in our genealogy society and the hearts of all of us. We'll miss you Chod!

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  1. My condolences! I have lost 3 of my closest genealogy partners this past year and my mother who was my biggest fan. So sorry for your loss!