Saturday, February 5, 2011

Civil War Conference in Nebraska

On April 28-30, 2011, a Civil War conference will be held at Fort Robinson State Park, 3 miles west of Crawford, Nebraska. "The Civil War in the American West" is the eighth Fort Robinson History Conference. It is co-sponsored by the Nebraska State Historical Society and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The conference will explore ways the Civil War affected the history of Nebraska and the American West. Papers by scholars of the military and political history of the Civil War will be presented. They will also conduct a bus tour taking conferees to the site of Fort Mitchell and Mud Springs Station. The 4th U.S. Artillery Regimental Brass Band will present a concert of Civil War-era music.

Scheduled presenters and their topics include:
Dr. Douglas D. Scott -- "The Battle of Mud Springs, Nebraska, February 1865"
Dr. Richard W. Etulain -- "Abraham Lincoln and the American West"
Dr. Douglas W. Owsley -- "Forensic Investigation of the Civil War Casualties"
Dr. Michele Butts -- "The Galvanized Yankees"
John D. McDermott -- "The 1865 Powder River Expedition"
James E. Potter -- "Horses: The Army's Achilles Heel in the Indian War of 1864-65"
Randy Kane -- "Soldiers at Fort Union"
Dr. Mark Van de Logt -- "The Pawnee Scouts"

To request conference registration information when available e-mail or call 402-471-3272.

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  1. Thank you so much for this announcement. And thanks for giving us plenty of time to plan.