Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Great One Passes

Bridgett A. Schneider  1946-2011
Many genealogists take what is on Internet for granted.  When something is gone on Internet we moan and groan and do not realize what happens behind the scenes.  For the most part, we don't even know the administrator of the web site.  They are human beings like us, only perhaps more dedicated in making genealogical information available to the public.

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness' (RAOGK) administrator, Bridgett A. Schneider passed away on 12 November 2011 at the age of 64.  I doubt that many of you knew that Bridgett was from Lincoln, Nebraska.  She leaves a husband, children, grandchildren and thousands of genealogical friends.  Click here for an obituary for Bridgett.

When RAOGK went down less than a month ago, Bridgett announced that they were having computer problems and she was having health issues.  Her husband, Dale, promised her that he would get RAOGK back up and maintain it.  I hope he keeps his promise to Bridgett and also to the world of genealogists.

RIP, Bridgett ... you have been an inspiration to all of us, as well as being a dedicated genealogist.

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