Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finding Nebraska Cemeteries

There are many ways to find information about Nebraska cemeteries on Internet.  Probably one of the easiest is to enter search terms into Google.  These can either be by the name of the cemetery and county and "Nebraska" or "cemetery" plus county and "Nebraska."  

Another place to check is ePodunk.  The opening web page has a selection of county profiles. Click on Nebraska, then proceed to the county of your choice.  Once you have selected a county, the return will show a map of Nebraska indicating the location of the county.  You can study census, demographics and also check out the cemeteries in the county.  Making a cemetery selection will pull up a Google map showing the cemetery location as well as the latitude and longitude of the location. 

BrainyGeography is a fun web page to explore.  Click on Nebraska and then click on cemetery. Once you locate a cemetery of your choice, information pops up about the latitude, longitude, as well as a Google map.  For some reason these Google maps do not pinpoint the cemetery locations. 

One that I particularly like is  Search by Nebraska and you will locate an alphabetical listing of Nebraska cemeteries, followed by the name of the county.  These also have google maps, along with a state map and latitude and longitude locations.  

There's actually many more cemetery locators on Internet, but give these a "go."  You will like them!  

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