Friday, July 15, 2011

Genealogy Trails - Nebraska

There are a lot of great web pages on Internet.  One of the oldest that genealogists have used for many years is  USGenWeb.  Newer is Genealogy Trails History Group.  It is somewhat similar to USGenWeb's format, by state and county and projects.  

Before moving on to the link for Nebraska, be sure you check out the various general indexes on the home page.  These include military records, Presidents, slavery and African-American data, historical events, historical data, Native American data and miscellaneous data.  

Once you are at the Nebraska Genealogy and History web page in Genealogy Trails, you can click on any of the 93 counties in the state.  Each county has a different webmaster and thus different databases and links.  They can be anything from cemeteries, marriages, census, biographies, obituaries to military records.  

Now go exploring at Genealogy Trails History Group ... have some genealogy fun!  

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