Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nebraska Courthouse Web Pages

Nebraska in 1895
Genealogical research in Nebraska should not be limited to the large collections, such as, or even to USGenWeb pages for Nebraska.  You should always check online for Nebraska courthouses, using a Google search.  Almost all of the courthouses have web pages.

If you are planning to visit a courthouse, look for the location information and hours.  In some cases, there will be more detailed information pertaining to the county offices.  You can also call a specific office regarding their records, if they are within the courthouse or need to be requested from a storage area, or if they have been archived in another location.

I have found interesting information on Nebraska county courthouse web pages.  For example, Hamilton County has an excellent collection of maps.  These include village plats, county roads and an excellent cemetery map of the county, all of which can be downloaded in PDF.

Nearby Hall County has a link on their county courthouse web page for maps and atlases for Hall County which include the years 1885, 1890 and 1904, along with early maps of Grand Island/Hall County plus early maps of Nebraska.  There are also links to important histories of the county.  Whoever designed their web page has the genealogist in mind.

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