Wednesday, July 22, 2009

History of the State of Nebraska

Years ago when I began doing research in Nebraska, a well-versed genealogist suggested that I look at Andreas.  That's it ... just Andreas.  I soon discovered that Andreas was the History of the State of Nebraska, first published in 1882 by the Western Historical Company, A.T. Andreas, Proprietor, Chicago, Illinois.  

It is a tome that can be found in almost all larger libraries in the state of Nebraska. Fortunately it has been extracted and placed on Internet in the Kansas Collection Books.  Even if you do not have ancestry in the early 1880s and prior to that in Nebraska, it is a good idea to use the book.  
There is significant information in it about Nebraska as a territory, as well as after it became a state on 1 March 1867.  The history includes information on the railroads, settlers and military history.  In the military history, you will find rosters of soldiers who served from Nebraska. 

Andreas also includes histories and biographical information from the counties, cities, towns and villages in Nebraska.  The early history of the counties and settlements is priceless.  The biographical sketches are of prominent men, as well as early settlers.  There are some photographs of buildings and people.  The online extraction includes an index of names by county.  

Alfred Theodore Andreas would be surprised to know that his 1882 Nebraska book is so popular, let alone that it is in extracted format on Internet.  You can locate a library that has either the original or reproductions by using WorldCat.  Take a look at Andreas ... you'll learn a whole lot about Nebraska! 

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  1. Thanks for the referral! I have Nebraska ancestors dating back to the mid-to-late 1800's.