Monday, July 19, 2010

Blogging about Nebraska

If you enjoy reading blogs, you will want to read the Nebraska State Historical Society's blog, Nebraska History Blog. There are some very interesting links and You Tube connections on the blog.

Some of the July posts on the blog include Lincoln's Fatal Flood, July 6, 1908; Lazy Days of Summer; In Search of Lost Graves; From I-Scream to Eskimo Pie and "Judge Lynch" in Nebraska.

Did you know that the Eskimo Pie was invented by a man from Nebraska? Christian K. Nelson was a graduate of the University of Nebraska and former Thedford, Nebraska schoolteacher. In 1921 he developed that yummy vanilla ice cream and chocolate dessert. It was originally called the I-Scream Bar and a year later renamed Eskimo Pie. Next time you eat an Eskimo Pie, think of Nebraska!

Have fun following this excellent blog about Nebraska.

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