Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cradle Days in York County

In November of 1937 a book was published containing historical sketches of York Co., Nebraska. It was published by The York Republican newspaper and reprinted in 1976 by the York County Historical Association. The book has long been out of print.

My father, who lived in York County, often referred to the book and I am sure read and reread it many times. It is now on my bookshelf. However, if you are less fortunate to have the book in your possession, you will be able to read it online at York County, Nebraska ... a chronicle of its people and communities.

It is full of stories about early settlers and pioneers. Some of the chapter titles include "Stalwart Pioneers from Wisconsin", "Grasshoppers, Frogs and Cyclones", and "Early Days on Lincoln Creek."

The book is a good read!

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