Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Blogger Award

Cheri, aka You Go Genealogy Girl #2, at Those Old Memories has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks Cheri! I try to be creative, but sometimes hit a creative block!

Here are seven things about me. Some of you may know this about me, some may not.

1. I have been doing genealogical research since I was a teenager. The bug bite was hard, deep and has lasted long, considering that I am on Medicare and a grandmother. I have been doing professional research for over thirty years. Even so, I have compassion for beginners and people who are struggling to overcome their brick walls. I also have brick walls.

2. Yes, I'm on Medicare, but that doesn't tell you how old I am. I have also been a widow (young widow) for 2 1/2 years. I lost my husband to cancer in 2007. Since then I have tried to make every day count in my life. I am a ten year cancer survivor, so realize the importance of staying well and making return visits for medical check ups. In addition, every day counts in my life for doing genealogical research.

3. I have two children and two grandchildren. Will soon be blessed with two step grandchildren. They all range in age from 11 to 21. The youngest, my 11 year old granddaughter, enjoys looking at her family genealogy and old photographs. I hope that means she will eventually be traveling with me to courthouses and cemeteries.

4. Genealogy is my passion. It sustains my waking and sleeping hours. Don't you dream of courthouses where volumes of records are just waiting for you, page open to the exact information you need?

5. I am President (again) of the North Platte Genealogical Society in North Platte, Nebraska. We are the oldest genealogy society in the state. Like others, we have had our ups and downs in membership. We manage to draw a good crowd almost every month and hope to keep people up to date on genealogy affairs, plus supply them with knowledge about doing their research. That's a lot to do month after month! Seeing some of them come back month after month, I realize how dedicated they are to their genealogy.

6. My sister-in-law and I travel together, research together, lecture together and wander through cemeteries together. We live 2 1/2 hours apart, but we have e-mail and telephone. In May of this year we went to Salt Lake City. We had a lot of fun, laughs and of course, along the way picked up gobs of information. In July we were honor bloggers at the Family History Expo in Sheridan, WY. I think my late husband would be proud that his sister and I are genealogy pals. We have a blog together, so please check out our antics at, You Go Genealogy Girls. Her husband, occasionally referred to as go-Hubby, is very patient and understanding of our togetherness ... as long as I bring her back home safely, he is happy. Incidentally we travel in my car, aka Lil' Red.

7. Six months ago I was "blessed" with a bum knee. After scope surgery in August, things have not been better. It looks like in order to do all those wonderful things in life, aka genealogical research, I will need a replacement. Bring it on!! I need to be out in the cemeteries in the spring as well as going back to Salt Lake City with my sister-in-law in Lil' Red.

I know ... I'm not supposed to add #8, but can't resist, especially since this is a Nebraska devoted blog. I was born in South Dakota and have lived in that state, plus Wyoming and Colorado. In 1996 I moved to Iowa for a few years. I love Iowa, but Nebraska will always be my home. Go Huskers!

According to the Kreativ Blogger Award rules I am to nominate seven blogs for the award. These are all great blogs, so be sure and check them out. I nominate ...

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