Monday, December 21, 2009

Eastern Nebraska Resources

The very active Greater Omaha Genealogical Society members have web pages that are helpful. These continue to grow, so check them often. The original settlement in Nebraska territory was in the east, along the Missouri River. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for pre-statehood settlers and even those who settled later, in the eastern counties of the state.

Their web site of Omaha Obits is updated several times a month. They provide an index to obituaries and death notices found in Omaha newspapers. For some who did not live too far from Omaha, the announcement of their death still appeared in the Omaha newspaper. The society has also added deaths of Civil War veterans from a larger area. Once you locate obituaries in the index, you can either use the microfilm at the Omaha Public Library, 215 S. 15th Street in Omaha, or order copies. Check out their How to Obtain Obit Copies.

They also supply the researcher with Omaha Area Marriages and Anniversaries. You will find the index and how to obtain copies to be very helpful. There are 132,889 marriage entries. Next, check out Omaha Births from Douglas County, Nebraska records and early Omaha newspapers. There are 7,742 entries to date.

Not only do they have web pages for Omaha vitals, but also for other areas in the state. There is one for Thurston County Marriages. This is north of Omaha and to date has 1,906 listings, including Native American names. Members of the society have also created Hall County Marriages. This county is located west of Omaha, along I-80 and the Platte River, a natural migration corridor for pioneers. To date there are 1,863 listings.

Now they have created a new web site, Sarpy County Marriages. Locate that county on your map and you will that it is south of Omaha proper. In the early days, many people who were not Sarpy County resident got married there. Some came from Omaha, Lincoln and even from Iowa. This is a brand new web page that will continue to grow as members locate the marriages.

Too bad more societies in the state aren't posting vitals like these. They would be so helpful!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for those recommendations, Ruby!

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  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Thank you for this post and the information. I found at least six of my Nebraska family on the obituary list and am still checking it out.